Why is our boarding so popular?

Girls and boys living with us do very well. They often out perform day students in both the classroom and on the sports field. They don’t spend hours each day traveling back and forth. Everything they could want is close to hand. Need to look something up for homework on the internet? No problem, we have masses of computers and of course our internet software protects them from the inappropriate web sites.

All our staff have a great deal of experience and common sense, providing the warm and supportive atmosphere which has meant, each year, more and more girls and boys have chosen to live on campus. Someone being silly or inconsiderate - no problem - quickly sorted, no messing, lots of common sense applied. Firm but fair - works just about every time.

From getting everyone up, ensuring everyone is smartly dressed for the Collegiate and has everything for the day, to listening to what they did when school is over, to ensuring those that have a problem get the help they need, to cajoling someone to keep their room reasonably tidy, to finding the time for a smile or a joke, to reminding them that this or that needs doing - our house parents are chosen for their patience, good humour, energy, experience and common sense.

A close link is maintained between home and the Collegiate. May be we can email you photographs, if you live abroad for example, of your child performing in a play, or on the sports field. We believe a high level of care is of paramount importance and many parents like our attention to detail to ensure the campus is ‘safe’.

There are kitchen lounges with remote control 200-channel satellite TV/video and music centre. We go to great lengths to make everything very homely. Far from missing out, girls and boys living at the Collegiate usually have more fun than day students. Why? Because every weekend there are activities, visits, the ability to go out, the cinema, ice skating, trips, tourist attractions, theme parks - the list, and choice, is endless. Have a go on a Segway - What did it cost parents? - Nothing.

There are all manner of facilities and resources available for all the different age ranges. We have outside leisure facilities near each boarding house including table tennis, basket ball, 5-a-side football and barbecues in addition to the numerous other items of play equipment. Our own fleet of mini-buses and drivers are on hand whenever we want. Then there is always “Muggles” - pretty awesome - try finding the likes of that at another boarding school.
Many a parent jokes they want to come to QE to board themselves!

Our first-class medical centre has comfortable beds and cheerful decor. Fully qualified nurses are on hand to deal with medical problems. All boarding houses are protected by coded door locks and have outside phone contact systems for visitors. During all those long winter nights our whole campus is well lit all through the night with closed circuit television overlay and all our entrances and exits are automatically security controlled. We have four full time security staff providing 24/7 cover.